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Madame Luna

Madame Luna

Madame Luna

Dir. Daniel Espinosa
110 min

After a decade in Hollywood, the Chilean-born, Sweden-based director Daniel Espinosa (Easy Money) returned to Sweden to co-write and direct this stirring social-issues drama about an Eritrean fugitive doing everything she can to survive in Calabria. The screenplay draws on his strength: finding humanity in morally compromised characters. Madame Luna asks the question “What price, survival?” as Almaz (Meninet Abraha Teferi) arrives in Italy on a boat of refugees. Although Almaz tries to keep a low profile, her competence and language skills are noted by Nunzia, an erstwhile aid worker, but actually part of a criminal gang. As fierce and fearless Almaz proves her worth to Nunzia’s brothers, excelling at gathering large groups of multicultural workers and persuading them to work for a pittance, her complicated backstory starts to emerge when she meets an attractive Eritrean refugee (Hilyam Weldemichael) who reminds her of her younger self. –Alissa Simon

Content advisory: violence, themes of abuse

Film Details

Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 110 min
Country/Region: Sweden, Italy
Language: Italian, Arabic, English, French, Tigrinya
Print Source: Goodfellas
Tags: Crime, Drama, Immigration / Refugee, Thriller


Director: Daniel Espinosa
Producer: David Herdies, Paris Kassidokostas Latsis, Terry Dougas
Cinematographer: Juan Sarmiento G.
Screenwriter: Maurizio Braucci, Suha Arraf, Daniel Espinosa
Editor: Theis Schmidt
Composer: Jon Ekstrand
Principal Cast: Meninet Abraha Teferi, Hilyam Weldemichael, Claudia Potenza, Emanuele Vicorito