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Dir. Virginie Verrier
95 min

Lumières Françaises


Marinette Pichon is one of the world’s greatest stars of football, having held for almost two decades the record for the number of goals and caps for the French team (men/women combined), before becoming a FIFA Legend by being the first French player to have a career in the US. Pioneer of French women’s soccer, the film follows her fight to spread awareness on women’s rights in sport, a path full of pitfalls, from a childhood ravaged by an alcoholic and violent father to the heavy burden of coming out in an era where there is no such thing as LGBTQ+ rights. Her success in sport fueled her desire to make a difference in the recognition of French women’s soccer, homosexuality, and equal opportunity. 

This film is part of Young French Cinema, a program of Unifrance and Villa Albertine.

Film Details

Program: Lumières Françaises
Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 95 min
Country/Region: France
Language: French, English
Print Source: UniFrance
Tags: Drama, Francophone, LGBTQ+, Sports, Women Directors


Director: Virginie Verrier
Producer: Virginie Verrier
Cinematographer: Xavier Dolléans
Screenwriter: Virginie Verrier
Editor: Jérome Bréau
Composer: Jean-Fabien Dijoud
Principal Cast: Garance Marillier, Emilie Dequenne, Alban Lenoir, Fred Testot, Sylvie Testut, Caroline Proust


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