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Dir. Cristi Puiu
160 min

From acclaimed filmmaker Cristi Puiu comes this quadriptych of tales about four different people enduring life in the eponymous year, one of the most fraught in human history. These seemingly unrelated short films perfectly capture life during the pandemic.

A therapy session gets uncomfortable; a treat gone wrong for a birthday party; an ambulance driver and his affair with a gangster’s girlfriend; and a detective who thinks he’s found an answer–all of these seemingly disparate stories come together as a partial indictment of bureaucracy and a celebration of life, as chaotic as it might be, in trying times.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 160 min
Country/Region: Romania, France, Moldova
Language: Romanian
Print Source: Shellac
Tags: Drama


Director: Cristi Puiu
Executive Producer: Mihai Ripan
Producer: Dorian Bogu?a, Drago? Bucur, Cristi Puiu, Anca Puiu
Cinematographer: Ivan Grincenco
Screenwriter: Cristi Puiu
Editor: Sebastian Pereanu, Ecaterina Iaschevici
Principal Cast: Bianca Cuculici, Lauren?iu Bondarenco, Otilia Panaite, Florin ?ibre, Igor Babiac, Roxana Ogrendil, Adelaida Perjoiu, Dorian Bogu?a, Drago? Bucur, Marin Cumatrenco