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Once Again (for the very first time)

Once Again (for the very first time)

Once Again (for the very first time)

Dir. Boaz Yakin
106 min

DeRay, a legendary street dancer, falls from the sky to land on the doorstep of his true love, the poet Naima. Boaz Yakin’s beautifully surreal film fuses rap, poetry, dance, and bold visuals to create a dreamlike cinematic fantasy exploring the need to reinvent oneself, creatively and romantically, throughout our lives.

Once Again showcases a multitalented cast and crew including dynamic performances by Jeroboam Bozeman, a primo dancer for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Mecca “Meccamorphosis” Verdell, award winning spoken word poet, with astonishing acrobatic choreography by legendary street dancer and choreographer Rennie Harris.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 106 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Print Source: Peaceable Assembly & Uncompromised Creative
Tags: Arts, BIPOC Lens, Dance, Drama, Guest Attending, Romance


Director: Boaz Yakin
Executive Producer: Nicholas Maye, Van Lathan Jr.
Producer: Jonathan Gray, Nicholas Gray, Boaz Yakin
Cinematographer: Ray Huang
Screenwriter: Boaz Yakin
Editor: Jason Cacioppo
Composer: Marcus Norris
Principal Cast: Jeroboam Bozeman, Mecca Verdell