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Only the River Flows

Only the River Flows

Only the River Flows

Dir. Wei Shujun
101 min

Ma Zhe is a detective in rural China. When a woman’s body is discovered by the river, he is pressured into making a quick arrest. Though the case is closed, he’s troubled, and his personal investigation drives him to the edge of his own sanity.

In quiet Banpo Town, Ma Zhe is a detective who’s admired for his successes. But he’s a troubled soul–troubled by his unborn son, troubled by the grind, troubled by the swift resolution of a murder he knows is truly unsolved. And this investigation has ripped the veneer off of a town he thought he knew. As he pursues leads, the more he uncovers, the more he becomes unraveled. Wei Shujun’s dark and moody noir is at once a throwback to vintage crime films as it is a modern look at Xi Jinping’s China.

Content advisory: violence

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 101 min
Country/Region: China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Print Source: KimStim
Tags: Adaptation, Asian Frontiers, Crime, Drama, Suspense


Director: Wei Shujun
Executive Producer: Tang Xiaohui, Dorothy Zeng, Li Chan
Producer: Tang Xiaohui, Huang Xufeng, Li Chan, Shen Yang
Cinematographer: Chengma
Screenwriter: Kang Chunlei, Wei Shujun
Editor: Mattieu Laclau
Principal Cast: Zhu Yilong, Chloe Maayan, Hou Tianlai, Tong Linkai


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