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Dir. Daniel Bandeira
101 min

Teresa lives in terrified seclusion. Needing a change, she retreats to her family’s rural estate, driving there in an armored car. When the exploited farm workers are pushed too far, they rise up, and she’s trapped in the vehicle.

The victim of a disastrous hostage situation in the past, Teresa cannot leave her urban home, unable even to walk her dog. When her husband buys her a state-of-the-art armored car, she feels comfortable retreating to the family estate. But her family hasn’t been fair with the farm workers, and soon, the tension boils over, her husband is kidnapped and Teresa escapes, only to find herself trapped in her car in this edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 101 min
Country/Region: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Print Source: Dark Star Pictures
Tags: Crime, Drama, Sociopolitical, Thriller


Director: Daniel Bandeira
Executive Producer: Kika Latache, Deby Brennand
Producer: Kika Latache, Lívia de Melo
Cinematographer: Pedro Sotero
Screenwriter: Daniel Bandeira
Editor: Matheus Farias
Composer: Caio Domingues, Nicolau Domingues
Principal Cast: Malu Galli, Zuleika Ferreira, Tavinho Teixeira, Samuel Santos, Edilson Silva, Ane Oliva, Luana Vitória, Carlos Amorim, Roberta Lúcia, Aruandhê Pereira


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