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Remembering Every Night

Remembering Every Night

Remembering Every Night

Dir. Yui Kiyohara
116 min

Three women wander through a Tokyo suburb, and cross paths briefly but profoundly on a gorgeous summer’s day. Yui Kiyohara’s lyrical film captures, with Proustian detail, these women’s lives.

One woman is a meter reader, another a college student out for a stroll, the other an older woman seeking work but also seeking, well, nothing but the pleasure of the outdoors. Their quiet aspirations may not be the things of high drama, but they resonate with a peaceful clarity. Kiyohara’s luscious film follows these three as they cross paths now and again, or on their own or… at times when the camera just takes in the world, proving that joy can be found even in the most faceless suburb.

Film Details

Release Year: 2022
Runtime: 116 min
Country/Region: Japan
Language: Japanese
Print Source: Kimstim
Tags: Asian Frontiers, Drama, Women, Women Directors


Director: Yui Kiyohara
Producer: Mayumi Amano
Cinematographer: Yukiko Iioka
Screenwriter: Yui Kiyohara
Editor: Azusa Yamazaki
Composer: Jon No Son & Asuna
Principal Cast: Kumi Hyodo, Minami Ohba, Ai Mikami, Guama Uchida, Tadashi Okuno, Shintaro Yuya, Mizuho Nojima