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Sequencing Hope

Sequencing Hope

Sequencing Hope

Dir. Maribeth Romslo, Lindsey Seavert
43 min

World Premiere
Directors Maribeth Romslo, Lindsey Seavert & Special Guests Attending

Sequencing Hope follows the intimate and often gut-wrenching journey of an Alabama family grappling with the unimaginable risks and potential rewards of new frontiers in medicine as their toddler becomes the first patient in the US to receive an experimental gene therapy treatment for a rare disease.

Directors Lindsey Seavert (Love Them First) and Maribeth Romslo (Raise Your Voice) return to MSPIFF with another deeply intimate, observational portrait of families whose children are afflicted with a rare disease, and examines the high stakes of altering genes as they explore how far a family will go to save their child’s life.

Film Details

Program: MN Made
Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 43 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Print Source: Seavert Studios
Tags: Documentary, Family, Guest Attending, Health, MN Made, Women Directors


Director: Maribeth Romslo, Lindsey Seavert


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Monday, April 22nd