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Shorts Program 06: Unreal

Shorts Program 06: Unreal

Shorts Program 06: Unreal

95 min

Shorts Program 06: Unreal

Films are listed here in screening order.

Directed by Irina Arnaut. United States. 2023. 18 min. Fiction Short.
Helen and John are artists. They're also contract killers. And they hate the name Gary.


Directed by Brian Lederman. United States. 2023. 7 min. Fiction Short.
A man's life is upended by increasingly threatening phone calls demanding he leave a review for a paperweight purchased online.

Pop Monsters
Directed by Megan Brooks. United States. 2023. 14 min. Fiction Short.
When a teenager scores 2 VIP tickets to the most sought after concert of the year, she decides to use that power and play a game to determine who gets to go with her. The game slowly pushes the friends to their limits until they lose all control and chaos ensues.

Stratus Quo
Directed by Michael Greenberg. United States. 2023. 8 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
After one too many coincidences, Brian questions his reality. Unaware he's living in Stratus, a shoddy simulation designed to house the 99%, a woman on the outside attempts to take the system down from inside Stratus Industries.

Worry No More
Directed by Frank Foster-Bolton. United States. 14 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
When the outside world violently encroaches on reclusive YouTuber Bailey, her pervasive anger and anxiety, created by a society that sells fear from every screen, may just be the key to finding an unexpected new... friend.

Directed by David Mair. United States. 2023. 4 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
While running from the police, a criminal seeks refuge by breaking into a home.

Human Resources
Directed by Jay Ness. United States. 2023. 10 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
A human resources professional must teach a timid new hire how to perform empathy. As she instructs him through a series of social behaviors, they form an unlikely connection.

Directed by Pablo Riesgo Almonacid. United States. 2023. 20 min. Fiction Short.
When an engineer who destroys malfunctioning androids encounters a shocking abnormality in a rebellious patient, she risks everything to save her new friend and herself.

Film Details

Runtime: 95 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Guest Attending, Horror, MN Made, Sci-fi, Thriller, Women Directors