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Silent Roar

Silent Roar

Silent Roar

Dir. Johnny Barrington
90 min

North American Premiere
Actor Barton Williams and production designer Elmi Badenhorst Attending

Teenager Dondo has a special verve for life and loves surfing. But he is endlessly searching for his “missing” father, seeing him around every corner or wave and not believing the common knowledge that he is dead. When a minister arrives to offer Dondo some answers (and a path to God), his best friend Sas must step in and try to help.

On the remote Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides lives Dondo and Sas, a teenage boy and girl who are trying to make sense of their lives. Dondo lost his father at sea barely a year ago and struggles with the idea that he is never coming back; Sas wants to go to school and play electric guitar like her hero, Jimi Hendrix. When a charismatic minister with a dubious past tries to control her friend, Sas knows she must do what she can to save him.

Silent Roar is a compelling experience that mixes the earthly with the magical.” –James Hanton, Outtake

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 90 min
Country/Region: United Kingdom
Language: English
Print Source: mk2 Films
Tags: Coming-of-Age, Drama, Dramedy, Family, Guest Attending, Religion, Sports


Director: Johnny Barrington
Executive Producer: Eva Yates, Kristin Irving, Kieran Hannigan, Jonathan Berger
Producer: Christopher Young
Cinematographer: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Screenwriter: Johnny Barrington
Editor: Adelina Bichis
Composer: Hannah Peel
Principal Cast: Louis McCartney, Ella Lily Hyland, Mark Lockyer, Victoria Balnaves, Fiona Bell, Pablo Raybould, Leah Balmforth