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Dir. Apolline Traoré
121 min

En route to her wedding, Sira, a young Fulani woman, is attacked by Islamist terrorists, her family murdered. Left for dead, Sira retreats to a cave near the terrorist camp, and bides her time.

Traveling to meet her groom, a young Christian man who is her childhood sweetheart, Sira is excited about her upcoming wedding. Her family is happy, she’s happy, and soon she will start her life anew. When terrorists murder all of her family, Sira refuses to cower and curses the gang of men. Left to die in the desert heat, Sira seems to have few options to survive. But with a fire in her heart, she crawls to a cave to hide, heal, and plan, patiently awaiting the hour when she can rain down vengeance. Director Apolline Traoré tells Sira’s harrowing story with unflinching boldness and gut wrenching veracity.

Content advisory: violence, themes of sexual abuse

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 121 min
Country/Region: Burkina Faso, France, Senegal, Germany
Language: French, Fula
Print Source: Wide
Tags: Crime, Drama, Human Rights, Images of Africa, Oscar Submission, Sociopolitical, War, Women, Women Directors


Director: Apolline Traoré
Producer: Apolline Traoré, Denis Cougnaud, Souleymane Kebe, Sarika Hemi Lakhani
Cinematographer: Nicolas Berteyac
Screenwriter: Apolline Traoré
Editor: Silvie Gadmer
Composer: Cyril Morin
Principal Cast: Nafissatou Cissé, Mike Danon, Lazarre Minoungou, Nathalie Vairac, Ildevert Meda