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Solids by the Seashore

Solids by the Seashore

Solids by the Seashore

Dir. Patiparn Boontarig
93 min

North American Premiere

At a small seaside village, Fon arrives to install a new art exhibit at a gallery where Shati works. Shanti, from a conservative family, is drawn to Fon’s free spirit. The two women spend time together and become easy friends, allowing a love to slowly blossom.

In this small Thai village, the sandy beaches are eroding, and Fon is there to install an art exhibit connected to the ecological changes. Shati is a Muslim woman who reluctantly accepts that she will likely be subjected to an arranged marriage. But when Shanti strats showing Fon around the village, going out of her way to help, Shanti starts to question what she really wants in life. In his debut feature, director Patiparn Boontarig portrays the innocence and vulnerability of first love with candor and compassion.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 93 min
Country/Region: Thailand
Language: Thai
Print Source: Diversion
Tags: Arts, Asian Frontiers, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Romance, Women


Director: Patiparn Boontarig
Producer: Chatchai Chaiyon, Mai Meksawan
Cinematographer: Benjamaporn Rattanaraungdetch
Screenwriter: Kalil Pitsuwan
Editor: Nisarat Meechok
Composer: Apichai Tragoolpadetgrai, Sathapat Teeranitayapap
Principal Cast: Ilada Pitsuwan, Rawipa Srisanguan


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