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The Gullspång Miracle

The Gullspång Miracle

The Gullspång Miracle

Dir. Maria Fredriksson
109 min

Sometimes truth is even stranger than fiction. In this riveting Scandinavian documentary bloodline mysteries meet true crime. When the aging Norwegian sisters May and Kari decide to buy an apartment in the small Swedish town of Gullspång, they are confronted with a shocking revelation that turns their lives upside down – the seller looks identical to their older sister Astrid, who committed suicide some thirty years before. Adding to the mystery, the seller shares the same unique nickname as the deceased sister. It is at this point that filmmaker Maria Fredriksson, at the behest of the sisters, begins to investigate their strange history, uncovering the secrets and eerie mysteries of a bizarre family story. Replete with comically awkward situations and one engrossing revelation after another, this darkly comedic family drama is an astounding and cleverly structured exploration of serendipity, faith, social divisions, family ties, and personal identity. –Alissa Simon

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 109 min
Country/Region: Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Language: Swedish, Norwegian, English
Print Source: Film Movement
Tags: Documentary, Mystery, Women Directors


Director: Maria Fredriksson
Producer: Ina Holmqvist
Cinematographer: Pia Lehto
Screenwriter: Maria Fredriksson
Editor: Mark Bukdahl, Orvar Anklew
Composer: Jonas Colstrup