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The Home Game

The Home Game

The Home Game

Dir. Smari Gunn, Logi Sigursveinsson
79 min

In an isolated Icelandic village, a man named Vidar Gylfason built, with his own two hands, a regulation FA Cup soccer pitch. 25 years later, his son is determined to bring the first team ever to play on his dad’s field.

The town, Hellissandur, is a fishing village of less than 400 people. Twenty-five years ago, Vidar dreamed of, planned, and built a soccer pitch in the hopes of his town hosting a match in Iceland’s FA Cup. In a bad luck of the draw, his vision was never realized. But his son eventually reignites the dream in his attempts to schedule a championship game—or any game—on his dad’s field. Smari Gunn and Logi Sigursveinsson’s documentary is a heart-warming and thrilling sports documentary that left audiences cheering at the DOC NYC film festival.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 79 min
Country/Region: Iceland
Language: Icelandic, English
Print Source: Metfilm Sales
Tags: Documentary, Sports


Director: Smari Gunn, Logi Sigursveinsson
Producer: Stephanie Thorpe, Heather Millard, Elfar Adalsteins, Freyja Kristinsdottir
Cinematographer: Logi Sigursveinsson
Editor: Logi Sigursveinsson, Smari Gunn
Composer: Kristjan Sturla Bjarnason