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The Movie Teller

The Movie Teller

The Movie Teller

Dir. Lone Scherfig
116 min

It’s the 1960s in a drought-stricken mining town in the Chilean Atacama Desert. María’s family can only afford one ticket to the movies. When she comes home, she performs the movie for them. Soon, everyone wants to listen to María’s incredible “movies.”

Maria’s special gift, an almost uncanny ability to retell films, will spread throughout the village, changing the fate of her family at the same time that the country is being transformed forever. Adapted from the book by the highly acclaimed Chilean author Hernán Rivera Letelier, Lone Scherfig’s crowd-pleasing film celebrates cinema, filmgoing, and the power of imagination.

“For movie lovers everywhere, The Movie Teller is a must-see.” –-Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily

Content advisory: themes of abuse

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 116 min
Country/Region: Chile, Spain, France
Language: Spanish
Print Source: Embankment Films
Tags: Adaptation, Arts, Drama, Family, Latino / Latin American Cultures, Women Directors


Director: Lone Scherfig
Executive Producer: Andrés Mardones, Paz Recolons, Ursula Romero, Francisca Joannon
Producer: Vincent Juillerat, Adolfo Blanco, Manuel Monzón
Cinematographer: Daniel Aranyó
Screenwriter: Walter Salles, Rafa Russo, Isabel Coixet
Editor: Bernat Aragonés, Jordi Azategui
Composer: Fernando Velázquez
Principal Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Antonio De La Torre, Daniel Brühl, Sara Becker, Alondra Valenzuela, Joaquin Guzman