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The Rye Horn

The Rye Horn

The Rye Horn

Dir. Jaione Camborda
105 min

Maria is a midwife, who finds herself on the wrong side of the law in Franco’s Spain, so she flees to Portugal by boat and on foot. Risking her safety, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

Already looked upon as a sort-of pseudo witch, María works as a midwife, helping women deliver babies, and making ends meet by fishing. When she secretly agrees to help a young woman terminate a pregnancy, things do not go as planned, and she is forced to flee for her life. Jaione Camborda’s sophomore feature is a stunning tour-de-force, beautifully underscoring the struggles and resilience of women in the past with a clear nod to the present.

“[C]elebrates the female body while revealing and denouncing all the powers and rules that traverse it.” –Luis Martínez, El Mundo

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 105 min
Country/Region: Spain, Belgium, Portugal
Language: Portuguese, Galician, Spanish
Print Source: Films Boutique
Tags: Drama, Health, Human Rights, Latino / Latin American Cultures, Sociopolitical, Women, Women Directors


Director: Jaione Camborda
Executive Producer: Jaione Camborda, Andrea Vázquez, María Zamora
Producer: Jaione Camborda, Andrea Vázquez, María Zamora
Cinematographer: Rui Poças
Screenwriter: Jaione Camborda
Editor: Cristobal Fernández
Composer: Camilo Sanabria
Principal Cast: Janet Novás, Siobhan Fernandes, Carla Rivas, Daniela Hernán Marchán, María Lado, Julia Gómez, José Navarro, Nuria Lestegas, Diego Anido


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