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Tomorrow Is a Long Time

Tomorrow Is a Long Time

Tomorrow Is a Long Time

Dir. Jow Zhi Wei
105 min

A father and son living on the margins in Singapore struggle against the emotional and physical tolls of life. Chua works the dangerous job of exterminator, spending long hours fogging buildings with poison and costing him the price of his health. His shy and isolated teenage son Meng is haunted by his mother’s death and his grandmother’s illness, and becomes easy fodder for the bullies at school. Although Chua seems defeated by his fate, Meng’s compulsory military service may offer him a way out, as Meng’s self-discovery, transformation and survival shifts to a platoon in the jungle. Through long takes and a subtle narrative pulse, director Jow Zhi Wei allows his actors to carry the weight of this powerful story.

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 105 min
Country/Region: Singapore, Taiwan, Portugal, France
Language: Mandarin Chinese, English
Print Source: Pluto Film
Tags: Asian Frontiers, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Family


Director: Jow Zhi Wei
Producer: Fran Borgia, Jeremy Chua, Stefano Centini, Xavier Rocher, Ico Costa
Cinematographer: Russell Morton
Screenwriter: Jow Zhi Wei
Editor: Alexandra Strauss
Composer: Ting Si Hao
Principal Cast: Leon Dai, Edward Tan, Julius Foo, Jay Victor, Lekheraj Sekhar, Neo Swee Lin


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