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Valentina or the Serenity

Valentina or the Serenity

Valentina or the Serenity

Dir. Ángeles Cruz
85 min

Mexican director-writer Ángeles Cruz brings us an enduring heroine, the winsome Valentina, who uses all her might to prove that her father, who drowned in a nearby river, is still alive. Raised in a close-knit Indigenous Mixtec community in Oaxaca, Valentina wears a cape and draws comic books, inspired by her favorite superhero, Kandi, who can bring forth powers of thunder and lightning. Determined to reconnect with her dad, Valentina spends time by the river and starts to hear his voice speaking to her in Mixtec, a language she never learned. Relentlessly optimistic and committed to her beliefs, Valentina enlists her friend Pedro to teach her how to speak their Indigenous language in hopes that she can reach her dad. Ultimately uplifting and deeply compassionate, this story portrays a child’s understanding of life, mortality, and the healing power of love. Age 11+ –Deb Girdwood

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 85 min
Country/Region: Mexico
Language: Spanish, Mixtec
Print Source: IMCINE - Mexican Film Institute
Tags: Coming-of-Age, Drama, Family, Family Friendly, Indigenous Voices, Latino / Latin American Cultures, Women Directors


Director: Ángeles Cruz
Executive Producer: Isis Ahumada, Ángeles Cruz
Producer: Ángeles Cruz, Myriam Bravo, Isis Ahumada
Cinematographer: Carlos Correa R.
Screenwriter: Ángeles Cruz
Editor: Felipe Gomez
Composer: Alejandra Hernandez, Ruben Luengas
Principal Cast: Danae Ahuja Aparicio, Myriam Bravo, Alexander Gadiel Mendoza Sánchez