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Victoria Must Go

Victoria Must Go

Victoria Must Go

Dir. Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdottir
85 min

Hedvig and Henrik are a pair of posh, overly coddled kids who normally get what they want. But there is a new sheriff in town in the form of their stepmother, Victoria. Hedvig and Henrik can barely get their father’s attention anymore, all the while succumbing to the new rules of Victoria. They both know one thing: Victoria must go. One day while reading a comic, Henrik comes up with a brilliant plan–they will hire a hitman! But how do they find a hitman? And how do they come up with the money? Enlisting the help of their grandmother, who goes along with their plan wholeheartedly, the clueless kids whip up a mess of hijinks that is more comedic mischief than cold-blooded killing. Who knew that hiring a hitman could be so funny…and heartwarming.

Film Details

Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 85 min
Country/Region: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Print Source: Norwegian Film Institute
Tags: Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Family


Director: Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdottir
Executive Producer: Einar Loftesnes, Magnus Thomassen
Producer: Ole Marius Elvestad
Cinematographer: Øyvind Svanes Lunde
Screenwriter: Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdottir, Rolf Magne Golten Andersen
Editor: Mina Nybakke
Composer: Olav Øyehaug
Principal Cast: Ine Marie Wilmann, Leo Ajkic, Morten Svartveit, Agnete Haaland, Mille Sofie Rist Dalhaug, Sverre Thornam