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Dir. Mallory Weggemann, Jay Snyder
102 min

World Premiere
Directors Mallory Weggemann & Jay Snyder Attending

When Mallory Weggemann was 18-years-old, she walked into an appointment for a routine medical procedure, and never walked out. Instead of allowing her newfound paralysis to become her life defining moment, she channeled her grief into the water. What follows is a story of self discovery, love, and the unwavering determination to prove life is about more than simply seeking to overcome. As Mallory focuses on what she could do with her new body, she surpasses even her own expectations by becoming a five-time Paralympic gold medalist, and faces equally insurmountable odds with her husband Jay Snyder on their journey to become new parents.

This stunning and deeply personal documentary, conceived and directed by Weggemann and Snyder, captures their lives after what she calls her “watershed moment”--when she became paralyzed after an epidural injection. Weggemann insists “our watershed moments aren't all defining, but rather revealing of the inherent strength that exists within each of us, that we can be brave enough to write our own ending.”

Film Details

Program: MN Made
Release Year: 2024
Runtime: 102 min
Country/Region: USA
Language: English
Print Source: TFA Group
Tags: Documentary, Family Friendly, Guest Attending, Health, MN Made, Sports, Women Directors


Director: Mallory Weggemann, Jay Snyder
Executive Producer: Ethan Lazar, Kyle Owens, Austen Rydell
Producer: Jay Snyder, Ryan Suffern, Julie Schwarz, Matt Allen
Cinematographer: Rob Gooding, Aaron Mendez
Screenwriter: Mallory Weggemann
Editor: Dave Krahling, Hans Rosenwinkel
Composer: Paul Pilot