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Dir. Guo Dalu
96 min

US Premiere

When a demolition crew uncovers human remains sealed up in a wall, Inspector Han struggles to stay objective about the case. The dilapidated building was his primary school, and the ten year-old homicide stirs up memories that he has worked hard to forget.

Li Qingcao is a single mother determined to find a school for her daughter in the city where she earns a living–a life she never had with her own parents. But regulations and bureaucracy are firmly stacked against Qingcoa. As it turns out, Qingcao and Inspector Han have a shared history and a shared secret. Pulling back the veil of China’s “leftover children” (kids left in the care of others while their parents find work elsewhere), director Guo Dalu weaves together a slow-burn thriller with a sharp political commentary.

Content advisory: violence, themes of abuse

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 96 min
Country/Region: China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Print Source: Parallax Films
Tags: Asian Frontiers, Coming-of-Age, Crime, Drama, Sociopolitical, Suspense, Thriller


Director: Guo Dalu
Cinematographer: Jerry Hsu
Screenwriter: Guo Dalu
Editor: Kong Jinlei
Composer: Liu Cong
Principal Cast: Tao Xinran, Zhao Bingrui