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Working Class Goes to Hell

Working Class Goes to Hell

Working Class Goes to Hell

Dir. Mladen Djordjevic
127 min

US Premiere

After losing their loved ones, jobs, and dignity to a tragic factory fire and corrupt privatization, a group of ex-workers seeks hope and justice in the supernatural. Gloomy, violent, fierce and funny, Working Class Goes to Hell is like nothing you’ve seen before.

It’s been five long years since the factory fire devastated this small Balkan community. The loss of five of their own, not to mention their livelihood, has left the village reeling, and labor leaders at a loss. The owners have successfully spun the workers as greedy and won’t be met with justice, no reparations, no nothing. Ceca, the labor leader, keeps fighting, but seemingly to no avail. Enter Mija, whose pagan rituals might just provide some answers. As they clumsily delve into the mysterious realm, they undergo social, emotional, and sexual liberation, and unexpectedly tap into an inner power they didn't know they possessed. Mladen Ðordevic’s absurdist dramedy is a fearless no holds barred allegory.

Content advisory: mature themes

Film Details

Release Year: 2023
Runtime: 127 min
Country/Region: Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania
Language: Serbian
Print Source: Patra Spanou Film
Tags: Dark Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Religion, Sociopolitical


Director: Mladen Djordjevic
Producer: Milan Stojanovic, Mladen Djordjevic
Cinematographer: Dusan Grubin
Screenwriter: Mladen Djordjevic
Editor: Lazar Predojev
Composer: Kalin Nikolov
Principal Cast: Tamara Krcunovic, Leon Lucev, Momo Picuric, Ivan Djordjevic